“Rose, 41” By Maiko Yamamoto Featuring Kokuho Rose

We were recently approached by Maiko Yamamoto, a local Vancouver Art student at Emily Carr University who had an interesting idea for an upcoming art exhibit featuring rice. This certainly caught our attention and we listened intently as Maiko went on to tell us about how Kokuho Rose was her family’s favorite rice growing up and graciously asked if we could provide some rice for her upcoming piece. We found her concept and story intriguing and eagerly agreed to assist. Roughly 2000 lbs of rice later in combination with the talents of Maiko, “Rose, 41” was completed. Please take a moment to learn about Maiko and her art installation, featuring roughly 2000 lbs of delicious rice!

Title of work: Rose, 41

Artist: Maiko Yamamoto

Part of the Low Residency Graduate Exhibition, 2014 Group Show: Transactants: Agents of Process.

July 17 – 27, 2014

Charles H. Scott Gallery

1399 Johnston Street, Granville Island

Maiko Yamamoto creates work that uses space, time, the body — and sometimes things — as materials. Including performative acts of gestures, her work challenges the ways we relate to each other physically, emotionally and conceptually in order to create intersubjective engagements with the viewer. Rose, 41 explores the artist’s personal relations and memories with rice over her lifetime. The work invites both conscious and unconscious associations, building a narrative of individual and collective identity. In a final intimate gesture, the artist washes, cooks and eats rice from the installation.

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