About Us

Distributors of products we’re proud to represent

Founded in 1973, Sonray Sales has passed down from father to son, providing distribution and marketing services to companies we believe in.

Humble beginnings

Sonray is more than a business. It’s a story of love and labor, a marker of what it means to be family. Commitment, dedication, and trust have brought us here.

Sonray’s name is an homage to our family values. Co-founders Elaine and Bill Hornell married in 1969, and Elaine’s father, Ray, loved Bill like the son he never had. To honour their relationship, Bill named the company he started Sonray. And so, we were born.

Sonray started as a 200-square-foot office in the basement of Bill’s family home. Years of hard work and dedication followed, with Bill’s son Jeff growing up with the business. Now, Bill has passed the torch to Jeff, who leads Sonray in a 10,000-square-foot warehouse equipped with an in-house delivery fleet.


While we have recognitions and certifications like HACCP under our belts, the people at Sonray are most proud of what we do for our clients.

Kokuho® Rose, a brand we have represented since 1973, produces some of the finest grains of rice in the world. And we play a part in putting that rice on family dinner tables across the globe. PaperChef, makers of environmentally-conscious parchment paper and products, have trusted us with their brand since 2009. Helping Canadian farmers like Bee Maid Honey, a brand we worked with for 31 years, go from a small co-op to an internationally known product fills us with pride.

We could not have gotten here without the trust and success we share with our clients. Sonray can help your business grow as we’ve helped theirs.

Looking Forward

The market’s constantly evolving. We’re committed to staying current and moving forward, taking our clients along for the ride.

As we grow and expand, we keep Bill’s MO in mind: “The products must be unique and of good quality. If it’s innovative, we’re interested.” By keeping it in the family, there is one thing that won’t ever change, no matter how much we grow: our level of superior service and our commitment to you.