Taking niche, quality brands to international markets.

Distribution, import and export, and marketing services to bring your products to new markets safely and securely.


You’re more likely to succeed when you’re educated in an industry. And when you have an advocate in your corner, those success rates only rise.

From the outside looking in, it seems easy to get your products onto the shelves of big box grocery stores. But grocery stores need to ensure the products they stock won’t be a risk; they create a pricing structure that protects them from loss. This means the liability of your product selling or not rests on your shoulders, alongside hidden costs for things like restocking or damages.

When you work with us as your distributors, you’re educated on all of the risks and costs associated with your venture. We make sure you forge ahead, knowing exactly what to expect. Sonray acts as a broker and advocates for your brand, showing grocery stores the benefit of your products. We can help lift your brand above the noise of your competitors.

Your products will be safe and secure with our distribution methods. Sonray operates in a proudly HACCP-certified facility, and we take every precaution with transporting goods.

Guerilla, Print, and Event Marketing Services

Do you want your products purchased because they went on sale, or do you want your brand to be sought out and requested?

Getting your product onto shelves at the grocery store is only halfway to success. Without active representation, your product may not sell. People need to know the quality or benefits of your product to be motivated to purchase. If they’re not motivated to buy, you’re looking at costly price slashes or, in the worst case, not selling at all.

At Sonray, we don’t monkey around. We have mastered the art of Guerilla Marketing; picture edible logos on top of cupcakes in our client PaperChef’s muffin cups. Like it? So did the Dragons on Dragon’s Den.

Our guerilla execution models use tactics like print marketing and in-person tradeshows to get your product and logo in front of the right people. Experience-driven exhibitions make sure your product makes a lasting impression.

We offer tiered packages and programs. Reach out today to talk about your brand’s needs and what we can do to reach your goals.