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Rice Flour

PGP is the highest quality rice flour you can buy. You can trust PGP to produce rice flour in the cleanest and safest conditions. Rice flour is produced by grinding grains of rice until you reach the desired texture. For those who are allergic to gluten, rice flour is ideal for baking and breakfast/lunch/dinner recipes. The natural flavours are retained when you use rice flour and it’s versatile. The versatility of rice flour allows you to use rice flour as a substitute for regular wheat flour, plus it works as a thickening agent. You can count on rice flour to satisfy your need to create delicious baked goods and meals. Switch to rice flour today!

PGP Course Brown

Calling all gluten-free folks! PGP Coarse Brown rice flour is the perfect flour substitute to satisfy your cravings for delicious baked goods. This brown rice flour is produced with the utmost diligence and care; it’s also gluten-free certified. You can be rest assured that the coarse brown rice flour will not change the natural flavours of your gluten-free recipes. So, get your hands on the PGP Coarse Brown flour today, and watch it do its magic.

PGP Fine Sweet

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the PGP Fine Sweet rice flour. This fine rice flour is made from sticky rice. This is the perfect rice flour to use for your sweet and delicious creations. It’s also the perfect thickening agent. With the perfect balance of a milky and mild flavours, it is neither too sweet nor too bland. The sweet rice flour is also gluten free. Hurry and let your creative culinary juices take over with PGP Fine Sweet rice flour today!

PGP Fine White

Pies, soups, rotis, puddings, cookies and an abundance of other baked goods use fine white flour. PGP Fine White flour is produced by grinding raw white rice into a fine powder. This fine white flour adds a delicate texture to baked goods, as well as acts as a thickening agent. Since white rice does not contain gluten, PGP Fine White flour is perfect for the gluten-free, fine food lovers. Liven up your food with PGP Fine White rice flour, and we can guarantee you that you will be coming back for more!