There are thousands of varieties of rice. Sonray has spent years internationally sourcing and selecting the most superior rice from the regions it is best known to grow. All the rice we supply is chosen due to its exceptional quality. We at Sonray are committed to always selling quality. It’s a premium that’s always worth investing in because customers are never disappointed.

Call us rice fanatics or rice connoisseurs. Either way, we know and love our rice! In February 2010, with a big scoop of passion, and an even larger bag of initiative, we launched a website for consumers dedicated solely to rice called Have A Rice Day. We believe in the quality of our specially selected rices and haven chosen to educate consumers, not just about the brands we carry and what makes them special, but also about the nutritional benefits of rice. We even provide a comprehensive collection of recipes.

Featured below are our favourite rice brands that we have handpicked and regularly distribute to our clients:

Kokuho Rose®

The crown jewel in our rice collection, Kokuho Rose® is a delectable medium-grain Japanese rice. Available in white and brown.


Extremely similar to our favourite, Kokuho Rose®, Kokuho is a little less sticky, a little less sweet, and less expensive.

Golden Pacific Jasmin

Superb with any type of food, Golden Pacific Jasmin is an aromatic long-grain rice from Thailand. Available in white and brown.

AAR CEE Basmati

From India, Aar Cee Basmati is an extra-long grain aromatic rice famous for its unique nut-like flavour, delicate texture, and distinct taste. Available in white and brown.


This super-premium short-grain rice, grown in California, is the most recognized variety in Japan and makes great sushi rice. Tsuru Mai® is available in white and brown.