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We couldn’t be more pleased to tell you that the world’s best place for honey is Canada (we’re pretty patriotic Canadians)!

We supply only Canadian number one white-grade honey. Upon request, we can supply amber honey, which is a lesser grade and cheaper to purchase. Our honey is sourced from Northern Alberta to Manitoba and manufactured in Manitoba. With so much farming in the Prairies, there is an abundance of pollen, which makes for very happy bees. This creates the tastiest honey around.

Make sure to watch out for other brands that use 51% Canadian honey, blend it with honey from other countries (Argentina, China) and call it Canadian. This is incomparable to ours. Just as you should only buy pure Canadian maple syrup, we encourage only buying 100% true Canadian honey!

Honey Buzz - Honey Bottle

Because liquid honey mixes easily into a variety of foods, its uses are diverse and it is especially convenient for cooking and baking. This family-sized bottle definitely fits the bill!

Honey Buzz - Creamed Honey

Creamed honey is still pure honey but is made by blending liquid honey with a starter of crystallized honey until it is uniform and less runny. Its thick and spreadable texture makes it a popular spread for toast, but it is not usually appropriate for cooking or baking.

Honey Buzz - Honey Bear

The honey bear is a delight with the younger crowd and makes a welcome addition to everyone's breakfast table.

Honey Buzz - Commercial Liquid Honey

Mmmm, 15 kg of pure Canadian honey is supplied for commercial use.